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Unsung Heroes in Honduras

God works in perfect and mysterious ways (mysterious to us that is.) A few months ago, I came across the story of a 15 year old girl named Suami. Suami has Down Syndrome and lives in San Pedro Sula, a beautiful city in the country of Honduras. Due to her condition, her birth parents asked her to leave home. I don’t know the exact reasons why, but we do know that her parents have very low income, many children to support and perhaps weren’t equipped education-wise or money-wise to continue to raise a child with Down Syndrome. (Please note that this is just an assumption as we don’t know the exact reasons and are not condoning this behavior in any way or form.)

Suami wandered the streets alone, and one unfortunate day, a man approached her and told her he would help her, but instead, took advantage of this sweet girl and left her pregnant. When he found out she was pregnant, he abandoned her in the streets once more.

This time, Suami was found by a group of truckers, (or angels you might say as you read on). They helped her and her new-born baby and arranged for her to stay at the truck-stop where they went to work every day. One very special man, Mr. Henry Galvez, a father of 2 little girls and husband to a kind, loving lady, took interest upon Suami and her baby and decided to help them out until he could.

Suami y su bebe

So he started a small campaign with friends and anyone who felt the calling to help with baby clothing, formula, food, and the most important: a house. He had his mind set on building Suami and her baby a small house near the truckstop, but he needed building materials and builders.

During his quest, he met my cousin Keren Hapuc. Children have always been dear to her heart and she set out to help Mr. Galvez by making this story viral on Facebook. She also helped out with money and items for the baby. Little did she know how far this story would go.


I caught eye of the story during one of my many regular visits to my Facebook wall and decided to contact Mr. Galvez and see how I could be of use. So we started spreading the word, and many, many people started to contribute with everything and anything needed. One company even donated the entire list of building materials needed to build Suami her new home. We were all so excited.

Materiales Construccion

In the coming days, Mr. Galvez was searching for someone who would donate their time to build the home, as he had no previous building experience. He was prepared to help out in any way..but, it’s not Lego building ya’ know! But, one night, he received a call that the DINAF (the insitute in Honduras that takes care of abandoned or battered children, formerly called IHNFA) had gone around where Suami was staying and took her and the baby away.

Since Suami is a minor, she couldn’t yet legally decide for herself. So they called her mother, who didn’t want anything to do with her and couldn’t support her even if she wanted to. Mr. Galvez and his family were devastated. DINAF had removed the baby from Suami and they were taking care of him separately. Now, I don’t want to portray the DINAF as some bad, evil institution. There must be institutions like this to take care of abandoned children…otherwise, how else would we find out about them? As much as I hate the process…there must be a process established for there to be order and everyone following the law.

This unfortunate incident triggered something in Mr. Galvez’s heart. He and his family had become very close with Suami and her baby, and wanted a wonderful future for them. So, Mr. Galvez hired a lawyer with the little money he had so he could ask for custody of Suami and her baby.

Today, Mr. Galvez gave me the wonderful news that this Thursday, Suami, her baby and his family will be reunited. He has been granted custody of both of them. GOD IS GOOD!

Suami y Fernandito y mama

Suami might have lost her family in the beginning. But God made sure to reward her twice as much (just like He did with Job) in the end (and this is just the beginning). Suami now has a mom and dad who love her, 2 little sisters and a baby boy named Fernando.

GOD IS AMAZING! Don’t you agree?

Job 42:10-11 After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes and gave him twice as much as he had before. All his brothers and sisters and everyone who had known him before came and ate with him in his house.

Casa Suami
casa suami 2

8/23/2015 UPDATE: Suami has been reunited with her baby Fernandito, and Mr. Galvez has also brought upon a reconciliation with Suami’s birth mother (in the picture above).

Suami has also been reunited with Mr. Galvez’s family. He has taken them all in and assumed responsibility until Suami is 21 years old and able to live on her own. Mr. Galvez has been an AMAZING example of Christ-like living to me. He is a man who works day and night to provide for his family, and even though he doesn’t posses riches in gold or silver, he has a HEART OF GOLD and a calling to serve others in need. 

They are now requesting donations to better the home in which they will all 3 live: gravel, cement, a stove to cook on and/or anything you might be able to help out with. 

If you need information on what or how to donate please contact me:  or via my Facebook page.

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