About Me

Hi, I’m Melissa Fortin from Melissa Wellness, Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach.


I'm a mom of two energetic boys, a wife, a daughter, sister, business owner. I wear many hats. My life is beautifully messy, but healthy habits have a way of keeping me grounded and helping me reach whatever goal I set myself up to.


My mission is to help you, a mother, a wife, and however many other hats you wear, to guide you and give you all the tools and skills necessary to reach YOUR GOALS.


Additional Certifications

  • ACTION Advanced ACTION Advanced Sport Nutrition

  • Precision Nutrition, Pn1



  • Universidad de San Pedro Sula BS Communications & Advertising

  • ISEAD Universidad Complutense de Madrid Master's in Commercial Marketing


Areas of expertise

Weight loss, nutrition coaching, wellness


Locations served

Online Worldwide.

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