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A Single Gal’s Best Friend


I’m a singer. I’ve loved music since I…well, I honestly don’t remember how that romance between us started, I just remember I’ve always loved it. Cooking is so much better with it, dancing cannot be without it and in road trips it is definitely a must. (Agree?)

As many girls out there, and being an only child for 14 years, my afternoons after school or work required me to shut down in my room, put my headphones on and dream away. I dreamt about my future jobs, my career as a musician traveling around the world (Yep! The first came true but the second is currently on hold) but mostly I dreamt about a prince charming. Yes, admit it, if you’re a single gal, this is your main dream too (now, now, be honest with yourself). You float away into regular daydreams about his smile, all the things you’ll do together, how many times a week he’ll send you flowers, the day when he shows up at your window with a Mariachi band and that important day when you’ll be wearing a white dress and you’ll ride off into the sunset together to your happily ever after.

Ok, maybe your dreams weren’t as corny as mine, but you have to admit a single gal spends a lot of her time thinking about “the one”.

I was a single gal up until one month ago, when I married the man of God’s dreams for me.(I will explain along the journey of my blog why he is the man of God’s dreams for me and not my dreams.) I have been a frustrated writer for as long as I can remember, writing down all my wishes, dreams, thoughts, poems (or so I call them) on paper but never throwing them out into the world. Perhaps my time had not come and now with so many changes in my life I’ve decided to add one more and blog.

My name is Melissa (although my husband calls me Pancito; I will also explain this later), I’m a 28-almost-29-year-old newlywed Christ-loving girl-woman, I have a full-time job as a Customer Service and Logistics Manager, I am a mezzo-soprano with a side job in a local Orchestra, I love to cook, dance, laugh, read and write. And this is my blog: “Happily Single – Happily Married.”

In the upcoming posts I pray that my shared experiences will help you – the single gal – and you – the married gal. I have tons of experience in the “single” area and zero to in process in the “married” department. My wish is that perhaps my mistakes, my good and bad decisions will plant a seed in your life journey and perhaps make you sit and ponder before taking the wrong path. My prayer is that all that you read here is used for the Glory of God and might help you feel identified, not-alone and supported throughout your life as a girl (it can get tough).

Happily single or happily married gals, get your music on, and get to dreaming, and I will get to writing!

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