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Beyond Prison Bars – Help the Galvez Family


I present to the family of Henry Galvez, his wife Lesly and daughters Ana and Montse.

Henry is a Honduran, living in the city of San Pedro Sula, who in 2015 was convicted for a crime he did not commit and sent to the prison in San Pedro Sula, where he spent a year and half of his life.

Being the main breadwinner for his family, they were badly affected by his imprisonment. Lesly, dedicated her days selling merchandise and doing work here and there to support her family during this time.

Thanks to the help and support of many people, Lesly could feed, sometimes sporadically, her 2 small daughters. Ana, despite the circumstances, is a student with academic excellence, and Montse a sweet little one 2-year-old who loves her father and mother with unconditional love.

To survive and pay the fees of lawyers and to claim innocence and freedom of Henry, Lesly had to sell what little they possessed from their home to pay the bills.

Today, thanks to God, Henry has been free since 2 weeks ago and is trying to recover what was lost, mainly precious time with his family.

Henry is a man who has blessed my life without me knowing him personally. God crossed our paths and has shown me that in the toughest circumstances, there are people like Henry and his family, who thank God for everything. There was no day, when Lesly communicated with me where she said that Henry was upset about the judicial process in Honduras, or his situation. What’s more, she told me stories of how happy they’d been during his visiting times with the girls and the work that Henry was doing within the prison with the needy and sharing the Word of God.

We all go through difficult circumstances, and how wonderful is it to receive help from people who love us to help us get up again and re-build our lives.

That’s why I want to appeal to your kindness and grace with this family. My wish is that we can provide them with some of the material things they lost from their home and help to pay outstanding bills such as Ana’s school, attorneys’ fees, etc.

It is my hope that we can meet this goal before December 15, 2016, and help this family, like many others in Honduras need, spend a Christmas with the peace of mind and many blessings.

Remember that any help is important. If you cannot donate monetarily, and you want to donate something material, you can contact me and I will show you how to do reach the Galvez family.

If you cannot donate anything material, your prayers for this family are very important.

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