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Macro What?

You’ve probably heard the term macro-nutrient and since it was an uncommon term you just discarded it and said, “nah…another fad diet.”

At least, that’s what I did. Anything that sounds too complicated won’t call my attention.

Yet, here I am. A redeemed unbeliever (in many ways). Sometimes we’re scared of the unknown until we decide to venture out and jump in the pool.

Macro, which means large, and nutrient, from the Latin “nutrire” which means to feed, joined together make up a word that has great meaning to our bodies. Feeding GREATLY!

3 Macro-nutrients:

  1. Carbohydrates

  2. Proteins

  3. Fats

If you were born in the 80’s , you’re probably scared of the word fat. After all, this was the “Fat Free” era. And if you’re a 90’s chick or a millennial, you probably

hate carbs.

It’s time that you get rid of your fears, because these 3 nutrients are optimum and necessary for your body to function well.And, since you only get one body on this earth, you kinda have to take care of it.


These not only give energy to your body, especially your muscles, where they get stored as glycogen (also stored in your liver). Your body uses glycogen as the principal source of energy. This energy is especially meaningful to your brain (kinda important, right?)

There are two types of carbs out there:

Complex-  those which the body takes a bit longer to process and digest, so it expends more energy in doing so.


Sweet potato

Green bananas

Multi grains




Simple – those which the body absorbs super fast and uses as an immediate energy source, or if no energy is needed, stores as sugar….which then becomes fat.


Flour and wheat based products






These are your body’s building blocks, for muscle and other tissues.

Your body is composed of amino acids, these form chains that make up proteins. Proteins work like hormones, enzymes and antibodies for your immune system.


Red meat

Chicken and turkey

Fish & seafood

Legumes & beans

Chia seeds

Dairy and yogurt


Nut butters



Another source of energy for your body is fats. You also need unsaturated fats to process some vitamins like A, E, D, y K, which are only soluble in lipids (in comparison to Vitamin C, B and folic acid which are water-soluble).

You also need fats to create a good hormonal environment, which is done by a good level of cholesterol.

You must watch the types of fats you eat, these are:

Saturated – meats, dairy, butter, coconut oil, palm oil.

Mono-saturated –  they contain Omega-9 like olives, olive oil, avocado.

Polyunsaturates – they contain Omega-3 like salmon, hemp seeds, chia seeds, nuts and also Omega-6 like other nuts, corn & soy.

Trans – fried foods, donuts, margarine, vegetable oils.

For a great functioning body, you must eat these 3 macros in conjunction with micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) in the correct amounts according to your lifestyle, body composition and intolerance/allergies.

If you wish to make a lifestyle change and change your eating habits, as well as connect your body, mind and spirit with the Creator, take a look at my Wellness Plans HERE.

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