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3-Day Sugar Detox


What is sugar?

Sugar comes from a family composed of glucose, fructose and sucrose. Sucrose is also called table sugar. Glucose is a sugar that comes from carbohydrates and sometimes other macros. It is stored in your muscles and liver. Fructose is what we find in fruits and some vegetables. Lactose is also a form of sugar, which you’ll find in dairy.

Why so much fuzz about sugar?

Well, it is basically a product that gets absorbed into your blood when you are digesting. It can be dangerous for your health if not consumed in moderation.

Feeling lethargic, bloated or having more wrinkles on your face, getting sick often are all symptoms that you need to cut out sugar from your life.

Sugar can inhibit your immune system, damage your sight, case premature aging, increase water retention, cause depression, PCOS and even some types of cancer.

If you suffer from: constipation, skin problems like eczema or acne, frequent colds, tiredness, sudden changes of humor, yo-yo weight, headaches, it is probably time to say ARRIVEDERCI (yes, that’s GOOD BYE, SO LONG, SEE YA!) sugar!

What are the benefits of saying goodbye to sugar?

Among the many benefits you can find: more energy, a focused, fog-free mind, a body free of toxins and you might also find your clothes fit a little (or a lot) better.

But, I drink sugar-less coffee and diet soda…

You might not add sugar to your coffee, but have you really checked the labels of what you eat every day?

Most of the sugar human beings eat is hidden in processed foods like: cereals, bread, pasta, sauces, barbecue, condiments, flour, yogurt, milk, juices, teas, sodas, fat-free products, nut butters, jello, desserts, etc.

Just check the labels next time you go grocery shopping and you’ll see!

Would you like a 3-Day mental detox from sugar? Join the Arrivederci Sugar 3-Day Detox program for $15! If you sign up for my 12-Week Wellness program, you get the Detox FREE!

Contact me: or SIGN UP for a Wellness Plan!

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