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Nutrition Plan







If you’re READY & WILLING to change your eating habits but have no idea where to start…you’ve come to the right place!

You can begin by getting a Personal Nutrition Plan that adheres to YOUR body, YOUR needs, YOUR goals and YOUR life. This is NOT a cookie-cutter diet or program, this is a super PDF document that contains information on:

  • Your body type

  • Your activity level

  • Your goals

  • What you should be eating

  • How much you should be eating

  • How often you should be eating

  • How to achieve those goals

  • A complete grocery list divided into categories (proteins, carbohydrates, veggies & fats)

  • A Tracking Sheet you can print out to keep track of your food intake

  • Steps to take when you want to change up your goals

  • And much more!

Best of all, this is a ONE-TIME-DEAL! It’s a small one-time investment of $59.99 USD that will help you achieve lifetime goals!


Fill out the Evaluation Form Here (this part is important because without your information I cannot generate your personalized plan)


Buy program and wait for your Personal Nutrition Plan in your Inbox! (Reports arrive within 48 hours of making payment. If you don’t receive your guide within 48 hours please notify me through email at

NOTE: This plan is SELF-GUIDED and does not include any personal coaching from Melissa Fortin.

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